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    This Video Demonstration teaches you basic techniques to paint a faithful representation of a human eye and the basic layering techniques involved. A good starting place for all learners.

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    This is a drawn piece done in Graphite. Very detailed in real life but a little hard to show it on camera but a good 15 odd hours went into drawing this eye alone in a=is a very textured piece. May not be the art for all occasions, but I'm sure someone out there interested in eyes may be interested in this piece.....Maybe Not :)

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    Paint Particulars is a quick overview of most of your basic Paint need understanding. It discusses the various types and what each are good for, safety and a basic understanding of types. We won't tell you what to buy but hopefully help you get to your best paint faster as each have their advantages.....and disadvantages.

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  • PLEASE NOTE- This Guide contains a 26 page PDF that covers "Knowing Your Airbrush" and "Maintaining Your Airbrush". Get to know the Airbrush before experimenting with your cash! Our First Beginners Airbrush Guide starts with introducing you to your Airbrush, the various types of Airbrush, How it works and what all the bits of it are called and their basic...

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Starting Off Small!

Would like to take over the World of Design-But will start with my own backyard first :)

The evil plan has been plotted to branch out and grow, new designs will be available weekly, and soon a Printing Service for the most popular designs to offer some lower priced products in the future.

But start small we must and as such our focus is on Custom Baseball Caps and Custom Shirts and Tee's.

Don't forget we do specialize in creating your specific design needs, so if theres nothing yet in the store you like-Give Us a Holler

Portrait Service

Have you gone for a Family Photo lately, oh its only $500 to sit in a seat and let someone push a button?....

No prints, no photographs, just beautiful art to cherish your favourite occasion, portrait or memory.

I don't only specialize in Human Portraits but also that of our furry and feathery friends.

Contact us for a FREE Quote TODAY!